OxBalls Urinal Gag Black/Yellow

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The URINAL is an essential tool for those who are passionate about watersports play. Made from our high-quality Pure Platinum Silicone, the trough-shaped face plate and hollow tube insert have a thick and fleshy feel while remaining soft and smooth to the touch.

The pure silicone mouthpiece can be easily removed for cleaning or switched out for a different style. The adjustable and stretchy straps make it a perfect fit for most head sizes.

The yellow piss gag inserts, made from firm and flexible silicone, add an extra level of excitement. The removable bent tube insert allows you to switch it out for one of the three other available gags. The strap, made from 2-layer textured neoprene, has soft Velcro adjustable side straps for a comfortable fit on any size head.

Put on this sleek black urinal, adjust the Velcro straps, get on your knees, and experience the ultimate in watersports play as you directly recycle beer from the tap. The bowl is even large enough for two!


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