Just who or what is Buzz Vibes, anyway?


Purple background with circle containing text: "putting the buzz back into bedrooms"

Why, hello there. We are so pleased to see you (or is that a toy in our pocket?)! If you’ve come to this page, you’re exactly the sort of discerning, kinky customer we like to see. But enough flattery, here’s a little bit of the Buzz Vibes back story.

During a certain recent pandemic, we, like so many Aussies, found ourselves increasingly at home. Indoor activities quickly became the name of the game, and there is only so much scrabble one can play before thoughts turn to more...adult pursuits.

Through conversations with friends (many over Zoom, wine in hand) it became apparent that many other people across the land had the same idea. Perhaps one good thing that came out of the lock-downs was the chance for reflection and reconnection.

Whether you’re seeking to revisit the early years of ‘butterflies in the tummy’ excitement, to bring life back into a dead bedroom, rekindle a relationship that’s become lost in the day-to-day monotony of life, or even explore new heights of self-pleasure and find what really makes you tick, that’s where Buzz Vibes comes in.

We launched in late 2021 to give curious and budding kinksters a place to explore. Where traditional brick-and-mortar adult stores can be intimidating, exploring our vast collection of sexual wellness products can be safely done from the privacy of your own device and at your own pace.

We stock products from leading adult brands, catering for just about every eventuality, spicy activity, kink or fetish. Whether you’re relatively ‘vanilla’ and after massage products and lingerie, or seeking to stretch your limits with some of the more extreme products on the market, we have something for you.

We invite you to browse our product collections, check out our blog, drop us a line with any questions or follow us on Twitter/X, Instagram or Facebook.  Most of all, we hope you enjoy putting the buzz back in your bedroom.