Puppy Play Mask Pink - Daytona


Make playtime more fun and enjoyable for your pup with the Daytona Puppy Play Mask.

Combining comfort and safety, it's crafted from neoprene rubber and features a comfortable, padded fit with cut-outs for your pup's eyes and a nose/mouthpiece that doesn't restrict breathing.

Your pup will be feeling fashionable and safe in this strong and sturdy mask. Let the fun begin!


    • Full neoprene rubber dog head, puppy mask. Complete with ears and detachable nose/mouthpiece so you can chew that bone.
    • Comfortable padded fit.
    • Cut out for eyes for easy vision, nose/mouthpiece does not restrict breathing.
    • Strong quality seams and stitching.
    • Material- Neoprene rubber.

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