Strict Locking Padded Wrist Cuffs with Chain, Black


Chain your lover with these sultry, efficient, and pleasant wrist cuffs!

An enduring addition to your bondage adventures, these wrist restraints have the enticing aesthetic that you crave. Double-ply and equipped with a locking buckle, your submissive won't be able to break free from these secure cuffs.

The padded lining guarantees that they remain comfy whatever the intensity of their struggling or the duration of your game.

A connecting chain with two swivel hooks allows you to fetter your sub's hands in front of them, back of them, to a bedpost, or whatever your salacious imagination can come up with! This set also includes two locks and four keys.


  • Measurements: Adjusts from 7 to 11 inches in circumference, 2.5 inches in width. 
  • Material: PU leather, metal. 
  • Colour: Black. 
  • Note: Comes with two wrist cuffs, two locks, 4 keys, and a connector chain.

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