Strict Frog Tie Leather Restraint Set, Black


Secure your partner's ankles, wrists, and thighs with this Frog tie set to create the ideal conditions for BDSM exploration.

Crafted for durability and comfort, this bondage and submission set is perfect for all skill levels and can be easily adjusted for the ideal fit. Lock and key hardware is included to ensure a pleasurable experience.

Secure your paramour with the reliable buckles this Frog Tie set provides - including 6 locks and 12 keys to bind your partner! Fasten their ankles to their thighs to bend them into a kneeling posture, then link their hands in the same way, leaving them exposed and defenseless. In addition, other BDSM accessories like whips, floggers, and blindfolds enable you to construct the perfect dungeon example!

The luxurious PU leather material is supple against the skin, allowing for an engaging battle of wills as one attempts to resist the restraints with assurance! Nickel-free metal buckles are simple to use and contribute to an additional layer of comfort while enjoying the game.

Fully adjustable in every cuff for you to find the perfect fit that suits your play style. Get it nice and snug against your partners body for a satisfying tightness their body craves!

Measurements: Thigh cuff adjusts 17 inches to 24 inches in circumference; ankle cuff adjusts from 7.5 inches to 12 inches in circumference; wrist cuff adjusts from 6 inches to 9.5 inches in circumference. Straps are 2 inches wide.

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