Drain O Flow Thru Buttplug Black


DRAINO flow thru plugs are designed for max stretch, no matter the size you choose.

Each plug is designed with special features that help keep DRAIN O in place.

DRAIN O has a pencil thick airhole vent through the centre of the plug the design helps equalise the pressure inside and out. That feeling you get when you want a plug to stay put but your muscles want to expel it is partly built up pressure behind the plug this feature helps with that.

DRAIN O has an innovative shape designed for max gape keeping: there is a double seal with one flare at the tip of the conehead and a fat rubbery second lip halfway to the base. The gap between the two allows you to morph to the shape with more surface to grip.

We added subtle indentations around the middle that channels lube and air front to back and help the plug to stay centred and keeps twisting to a minimum. This plug has a serious mission to fill you and keep you filled.

DRAIN O is handcrafted using the absolute best Liquid Platinum Silicone. We custom mix our silicone for every batch of toys we make by hand, its the only way to get the exact right feel for every design you just can’t achieve this with machine made gear.


  • Designed to fit: double lip seal, flow thru vent, anti twist divots
  • Made from our best-selling high quality Pure Platinum Silicone
  • Gape making shape, designed for max stay-put grip
  • Total height: 121 mm
  • Widest circumference: 181 mm
  • Air Flow hole 7mm
  • Weight: .27 kilo

Measurements are as accurate as possible, our liquid silicone toys are hand made so slight size variations can occur.

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