Master Series Clear Captor Chastity Cage, Small


Contain your subject in this clear captivity cage! The Clear Captor keeps your partner's pleasure visible, denying them orgasms until you give them a pass. Crafted of forgiving materials for around-the-clock comfort, plus plenty of air holes and a pee-through side-tip.

The Clear Captor comes fully-equipped with 4 differently-sized ball rings to accommodate any and all scrotal arrangements, from the 1.7-inch ring to the 2.2-inch ring, ensuring your partner's nether regions remain comfortably constrained.

The durable ABS plastic used for the Clear Captor is smooth and forgiving, perfect for all day chastity play. The cage itself features plenty of ventilation and a cum-thru tip for the necessaries, but remains rigid and firm for a sense of security and confidence for the wearer.

The secure locking mechanism secures this cage without pesky locks getting in the way! The Clear Captor includes two keys, one for you and the other for your sub in case of emergencies.


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