CleanUrin 25ml

SKU SW-003

CleanUrin is completely synthetic urine, packaged in a practical, sturdy and yet supple 25 ml sachet that can be torn open.

CleanUrin is therefore comfortable to carry (even when playing sports, driving or sleeping) and can be used discreetly at any time without further preparation. IDEAL FOR USE ON THE GO!

Mobile, completely synthetic urine for day-to-day use to protect your privacy
Passes all common tests for falsification
Unbeaten since 2006
Sachet is supple and has rounded corners
Easy and quiet to open – even with damp hands
Looks just like real urine under a UV light
Keeps for 36 months
Three years of problem-free replacement in the event of damaged seams
Three different identification marks (red/green/yellow) indicate different values in the urine such as pH and creatinine values, as these depend on diet and vary from day to day. All sachets contain synthetic urine that is equivalent in all relevant parameters to the urine of a healthy, sober person. All three colours have the same high standard of quality.

Important note: ALL three marked types are completely acceptable for use. Orders of two or more urine sachets always contain a mixture of types.

When carried on the body, the temperature remains constant and natural (33-34°C). Very sturdy sachet. Quiet and with rounded corners. Patented opening on two sides. Easy to open – even with damp hands. Looks just like real urine in UV light.

* CleanUrin is not suitable for consumption and absolutely may not be used to falsify drug tests/checks/examinations etc.  Buzz Vibes and BV Products explicitly does not condone its use for drug tests/checks/examinations.

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