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The Joy of Sex for Menopausal Women: How to Reignite the Flame

Introduction - Transitioning into Menopause

Aging is a natural part of life and with it comes a host of changes, including menopause. For many women transitioning into this stage, it can mean dealing with hot flashes, mood swings and a decreased sex drive. 

While the physical and emotional aspects of menopause can be challenging, it doesn't mean that your sex life has to be impacted negatively. In fact, it's possible to reignite the flame of passion and enjoy sex well into your golden years.

This guide is for menopausal women and their partners who are looking to rekindle intimacy.

A smiling middle-aged couple embracing
Menopause doesn't mean the end of a fulfilling sex life, merely a new phase. Photograph from Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

Embrace a positive attitude

The mind plays a crucial role when it comes to sexual desire and function. A positive outlook towards sex can make a big difference in the level of arousal and satisfaction. It's important to remember that menopause is not the "end of the line," but rather a new chapter. Talk to your partner and stay open to trying new things in the bedroom. Approach intimacy with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement, rather than as a chore.

Find time for foreplay

Foreplay is just as important during this stage of life as it was before. Take some extra time to explore each other’s bodies and build anticipation. Try massage, kissing or stimulating erogenous zones with your hands or tongue. Talk about what you enjoy and take turns pleasing each other. This will help you both get into the mood and relax.  We stock a large range of massage oils and scented candles that can really help set the mood.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important for maintaining overall health and can also help with sexual arousal. Water helps to increase blood flow, which is essential for heightened pleasure. Make sure you are drinking enough liquids throughout the day to stay hydrated and get your libido going.

Be aware of potential conditions

In addition to menopause-related symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, there are other medical conditions associated with this phase in life. These include genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) and vaginal atrophy. GSM is characterised by a decrease in libido, dryness and pain with intercourse. Vaginal atrophy is a thinning of the walls of the vagina due to reduced oestrogen levels. Both conditions can be managed with topical or systemic treatments prescribed by your doctor.

Use lube

Menopause can cause a decrease in natural lubrication, leading to discomfort during sex. Using a quality lubricant is essential for providing the necessary amount of wetness for intercourse. Buzz Vibes stocks a massive range of lubricants that are free from harsh chemicals, scents and tastes, so experiment to find one that works best for you. Here are a few of our favourites:

Stay connected

Maintaining an emotional connection plays a big role in overall sexual satisfaction. Intimacy isn't just about sex - it's also about taking the time to connect with each other. Find ways to show your partner that you care and appreciate them, whether it's through small gestures such as holding hands or a surprise gift.


Menopause can be a difficult transition for many women, but it doesn't have to mean the end of a fulfilling sex life. With patience and understanding, couples can explore ways to make sex enjoyable and satisfying for both partners. Remember, there is no “right” way or specific timeline when it comes to menopause sex - just listen to your body and do what feels good.

Don't forget about self-care

Your sexual health isn't just about your partner - it's also about taking care of yourself.


Make time for regular self-care activities such as yoga, meditation and massage to help reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. 


Keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are also key components to supported physical and mental health during this stage of life.


Above all else, be gentle with yourself and remember that menopause is a normal part of life, and it doesn't have to mean the end of your sex life. With open communication and a little extra care, you can make menopause sex something to look forward to.

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Self-care in all aspects of life is important as you enter menopause. Photo: Kampus Production, Pexels

Talk To Your Doctor

If you're experiencing sexual changes or any discomfort related to menopause, be sure to talk to your doctor. They can help answer any questions you have and provide advice tailored to your specific needs. Speaking openly with your doctor is also a great way to get the support and resources you need to make this transition in life as comfortable as possible

Take time to explore new possibilities

Menopause sex doesn't have to be the same as it was before - consider it an opportunity to explore new possibilities with your partner. For instance, try different positions, add lube to your routine, or experiment with techniques like edging that can help you control arousal and delay orgasm. Taking the time to find what works best for each of you will make menopause sex even more enjoyable.


With these tips in mind, couples can make the transition to menopause sex a positive experience. With open communication, regular self-care and a willingness to try new things, you can keep your sex life enjoyable during this stage of life. As long as you take the time to listen to each other's needs and experiment with different options, menopause can be just another chapter in your partner journe


Menopause is a natural process that can bring about many changes in a woman's life, but it doesn't have to mean the end of a satisfying sex life. By focusing on the positive, addressing physical symptoms, trying new things, focusing on foreplay, and practicing self-care, you can reignite the flame and enjoy sex well into your golden years. 

Whether you're a menopausal woman or her partner, communication is key. By staying open and communicating with each other, you can reconnect and create a fulfilling sex life. Remember, sex after menopause is not only possible, but it can be amazing.

Take your time to explore and experiment with each other, as there are many options to make menopause sex enjoyable for both of you. Consider trying different positions, toys, lubes, and techniques so you can find what works best. With patience and communication, the transition to menopause sex can be a positive experience that brings new levels of intimacy between you and your partner. Enjoy the journey!

A middle-aged woman in glasses embracing her partner and smiling
Menopause doesn't mean the end of your sex life. Indeed, seeking to bring back the bedroom buzz can rekindle the spark you had not so long ago!Photograph: Ivan Samkov, Pexels
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